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Richmond, VA – The latest food trend is “local food”, the idea that locally grown food ought to be consumed locally, the way it used to be. Doing so supports local farmers, reduces long distance shipping and the pollution that goes with it, while putting fresher food on the table. As a concept, “local food” has grown so big and trendy that even WalMart has jumped on the bandwagon.

The Farm Table, a group of Richmond families, is giving this modern-day movement a uniquely old fashioned touch — home delivery, from one neighbor to another. “We buy vegetables and fruit directly from the farmers, then our network of neighborhood coordinators delivers them to their neighbors,” explains Rick Grossberg, one of the Farm Table’s two staffers.

The other staffer, Duane Slyder, adds cheerfully, “We are two dads working for a big group of moms,” referring to the neighborhood coordinators. This delivery method creates an old-fashioned sense of community that’s unmatched by other systems for distributing local food — moms delivering to fellow moms, all friends and neighbors. You can see it in the postings on their Facebook page. (http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Farm-Table/141396109246042)

And they’re delivering fruits and veggies that were picked at the peak of freshness — more convenient and much fresher than is possible with most other distribution methods. The freshness improves the produce’s nutritional value, not to mention its taste, leading more than one Farm Table member to exclaim: “The taste of everything — holy cow!”

The Farm Table is a growing network of Virginia families, farmers, neighborhood moms, and others who all share a common vision – growing and eating “food that’s good for you and the planet, from people you know.” The Farm Table’s produce comes from small and medium-sized farms that are located within about 200 miles of Richmond. This is the Farm Table’s first season of providing just-picked fruits and vegetables to area families.  More information is at http://www.TheFarmTable.org.

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