Pre-ordering for all natural turkeys is now closed. Thank you for participating. Check back this weekend for our Thanksgiving boxes.
Celebrate with The Farm Table this Thanksgiving!

We will be delivering for Thanksgiving! There will be a Thanksgiving Box that will take the place of the Garden and Chef box, a Bread Box, and a U-pick Box. Ordering will end at midnight on Saturday, November 22nd. Default boxes will be delivered, so please remember to skip if you will be out of town. Boxes will be delivered on Tuesday, November 25th. Crop Coordinator Sam has plenty of great holiday add-ons in the works. Don’t miss out!

Freshest Produce

Our goal is to harvest our produce and deliver to your home or office within 48 hours.  This ensures you get the most nutritious produce possible, with the freshest, most amazing flavor.

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Locally Grown

Our produce comes from farmers within 150 miles of our Villages.  Our farmers are stewards of the land and use sustainable practices to ensure they can harvest from their fields for many years to come.

Free Home Delivery

Our group of over 70 Team Members deliver boxes directly to your door every week. We reuse all our boxes, swapping out your last box with this week’s box.

30 Day Guarantee

Give us a try, we’re sure you will love us. However, if there is anything that changes your mind within your first thirty days, we will refund your annual membership rate, up to $50. * Does not apply to packages that include the Annual Membership Fee and box(es).

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What Members Say


“I LOVE Thursdays because I come home to a box of fresh fruits and veggies for such a reasonable price!”


“When I get the menu, I’m already planning my meals a week in advance”

PattyTeam Member

“I love the options you have to add to an order or switch things around. I always appreciate flexibility and I feel that you have that”


“I love the fact you bring food from multiple farms- variety is the spice of life!!”


“I like that TFT provides fresh, local produce that helps our local economy, whole food in general, and my health. Seasonal food is the best way to eat, and using a coop is one of the best ways aside from planting your own to get it.”


“My husband and daughter raved about the grape tomatoes and lettuce. Salad fixins aren’t things they would usually comment about. :-)”


“Over 30 Farmer partners and we deliver February to December.”

Local Partnerships

The Farm Table is proud to sponsor and partner with many local businesses. We are constantly looking for new ways to improve and support our community.

Our Mission

The Farm Table strives to support the community by connecting our members to local, sustainable farms, by generating a meaningful way for our members to eat a healthy diet and to continually grow all aspects of the organization. Our work is never done.